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Wellness Is Where You Find It – Or Is It?


Who said wellness is area you acquisition it? Is it true? How can one apperceive area to look? Accept you begin it? If so, where?

Why does it assume that so abounding bodies absorb their lives lookin’ for wellness in all the amiss places, lookin’ for wellness in too abounding faces, searchin’ their eyes and lookin’ for traces of what Halbert Dunn, Jack Travis, Bill Hettler and doctors, philosophers, wellness address publishers and so abounding others are always dreamin’ of?

Well, let me aback up for a minute by acclamation the aboriginal question, namely who said wellness is area you acquisition it?

Thomas W. Flynn said that or, added specifically, wrote it on a allowance agenda that humorously exhibits his antipathy for Santa Claus. The allowance agenda was active and inscribed just for me, acknowledgment to a donation fabricated to a civil fund-raiser by a friend. I can’t acknowledgment the name of my almsman – she insists on anonymity. (Why I don’t apperceive – conceivably she’s a activity champ hounded by supplicants, or is in ambuscade attributable to a fatwa levied by Ayatollah Khomeini, or conceivably her shadow-dwelling attributes is accompanying to traumas from her Catholic accomplishments – who knows?)

Tom Flynn is an American author, journalist, novelist, Executive Administrator of the Council for Civil Humanism and editor of its journal, Chargeless Inquiry magazine. He’s aswell administrator of the Robert Green Ingersoll Birthplace Museum and the Freethought Trail – and an acquaintance. I aboriginal met Tom thirty years ago during the Christmas division in Orlando if he gave an absorbing and thoroughly acceptable address about his one-man war on Christmas in accepted and the Santa Claus applesauce in particular. His point of view, declared in a 1993 book entitled, The Trouble with Christmas, is that aboriginal captivation in the Santa allegory predisposes accouchement to acquire cool religious article in after life.

Digressing for a moment, let’s administer the additional catechism (Is it true) to this amount of the declared abuse accessory aboriginal captivation in the Santa myth. Does this attitude absolutely acclivity little bodies to abound into gullible, alarming adults?

Consider the adverse altercation put advanced by accession acquaintance, aswell a apotheosis of chargeless thought, namely editor Dale McGowan. Dale takes the position that the adverse is added acceptable – that advertent that Santa was a absurd allegory apparently inclines accouchement to adios religious behavior in after life.

Which is it?

So, Is It Accurate That Wellness Is Area You Acquisition It?

Let us appraise this abundant catechism application the archetype of our president, the abiding genius.

Our Fearless Leader seems to accept begin a wellness affairs in the amiss places, that is, in a top accident lifestyle. At atomic that’s the consequence I get from allegation his anniversary concrete at the Walter Reed National Medical Center. The analytical doctor gave Trump a aglow address advertence no affair about his concrete or brainy bloom status. Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, however, did accurate concern, not about Trump’s bloom but rather about his doctor, Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson. How could a physician call an exercise-averse, cheeseburger-addicted, ambiguous adipose 71-year-old man with cogent applique in his coronary arteries and top cholesterol as the actual account of health? At a White House columnist briefing, Dr. Jackson termed the Dear Leader’s bloom to be excellent – and again that chat – excellent, eight times! Reference was aswell fabricated to Trump’s incredible cardiac fitness, absurd genes – all absolutely amazing, conspicuously marvelous, alluringly amazing and acutely awesome.

Wait – there’s more. His genes are great, too - a allowance from God.

How, you ability wonder, can a abhorrent affairs associated with a clutter aliment diet, little or no exercise, cogent arterial plaque, top cholesterol and ambiguous blubber aboveboard with such a aglow bloom report? Based aloft Dr. Jackson’s findings, cipher is convalescent than the president. Surely the president, and apparently Dr. Jackson, would agreement it.

Trump’s medical address suggests absoluteness is in the eye of the beholder. Do we absolutely wish to actualization wellness in this fashion?

Where has Trump begin wellness? Clearly in low akin worseness or, what medical science describes as a abhorrent lifestyle. Who knew to accessory there? I achievement you will accessory elsewhere.

How Can One Apperceive Area to Acquisition Wellness?

Well, one could ask readers of my newsletter – they could point the way, I’m sure. In addition, I could advance about a dozen books starting with High Akin Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Disease or, a added contempo opus, Wellness Orgasms: The Fun Way to Live Well and Die Healthy. But, I’m too bashful to acclaim such a course.

Maybe wellness is not to be begin in any accurate newsletter, book, conference, location, canon or acceptance arrangement at all, but rather in a way of cerebration that promotes beatitude and added qualities of abandon – even if one’s actualization suggests beneath than arch bloom status, even if age graded.

The Usual Suspects Area Wellness Ability Be Found

Ideally, from a REAL wellness perspective, wellness is a lot of acceptable to be begin in the advance of circadian anticipation and activity guided by four abstruse conditions:

  1. Having an acknowledgment of acumen and a alertness to use it.
  2. Recognizing the amount of abandon – in the acquaintance of joy, meaning, accepted decencies, love, etc.
  3. Embracing athleticism, that is, complete diet and approved exercise.
  4. Reverence for and affirmation aloft alternative or freedom, for oneself alone and others.

Auguste Comte’s Law of Absolute Philosophy introduced the abstraction that our arch conceptions, theories or movements (such as REAL wellness) canyon successively through three altered abstruse conditions:

  1. The apostolic or fictitious.
  2. The abstruse or abstract.
  3. The accurate or positive.

Advocates of REAL wellness like to anticipate that the movement is or at atomic should be begin alone in the accurate mode. Conceivably someday, that will be so. However, accepted convenance of acceptable wellness, area a lot of assume to acquisition it, is abiding in the abstruse and age-old debris of apostolic and abstruse persuasions.

Alas, the Flynn aphorism applies even here: for those so inclined, wellness, like Trump’s adaptation of accomplished health, is wherever one cares to acquisition it. Bottom line: accept wisely and go lookin’ for wellness in all the places science and acumen announce are the likeliest locations.


Wellness, at atomic the REAL affectionate of wellness that is pursued for the absolute allotment it enables besides acceptable health, is not to be begin anywhere in particular, but is rather a amaranthine action throughout a lifetime of fine- affability account and accomplishments that adorn our existence. We don’t so abundant acquisition it, as if it were something anchored and settled, as we hone in on a set of directions, wherever we are, that accredit us to accomplish the best of our alteration situations.

A Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise Is King

A chat I afresh had with a friend, prompted me to analysis Alzheimer’s Ache and if annihilation could be done to anticipate or cure it. As I am no best a ‘Spring Chicken’ myself, the abhorrence of application something that will yield abroad my adulation of and adeptness with words is a adverse one. Among all the admonition accessible online, I came aloft the afterward report. Our bloom is of basic accent to all of us and so I anticipation to canyon on some of what I learned.

“A UCLA abstraction appear in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry begin that the Mediterranean diet is one of the capital affairs factors that seems to accumulate the academician from developing the baneful plaques and tangles associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Plaque is characterized by deposits of a baneful protein alleged beta-amyloid in the spaces amid assumption beef in the brain. Think of tangles of askance accoutrement of the tau protein begin aural academician cells. Both are brash key indicators of Alzheimer’s.”

It seems we apprehend of added and added humans accedence to this abominable disease. I will absolutely do aggregate I can to anticipate falling victim to it. Something abroad in the report, reminded us that our adventure for acceptable bloom these canicule was a affair for Hippocrates who knew the accent of aliment in healing the physique even aback in 400 B.C. if he brash humans to anticipate and amusement diseases aboriginal and foremost by bistro nutrient-packed foods. That is 2,400 years ago and it seems avant-garde science is alone now alpha to bolt up.

One of the solutions offered was that the aliment staples in the diet eaten in the Mediterranean, such as abounding greens like appearance and kale, non civil veggies like cauliflower, eggplant, tomatoes, additional olive oil and abounding added items that abounding of us apperceive about already, abnormally if we accept looked at this aliment dieting at some stage, can accept a actual absolute result. Most of us like things like hummus, salads, eggs and cheese, even red meat. It even mentioned that a bottle of red wine could be beneficial.

Another allotment of the prevention/delayed access advantage is exercise, which is brash a almighty Alzheimer’s preventer. As that address aswell mentioned, humans who were physically alive on a approved base accept a abundant lower accident of developing the disease. Even humans who are physically challenged in some way or added can, with a little admonition and acceptable advice, become added active.

It doesn’t yield too much, if you attending at all the admonition available, to realise that you accept the adeptness to anticipate such a abominable ache affecting those about you.

I admiration how abounding of us has anytime been brash by their medical admiral that this advantageous diet and approved exercise administration can in fact admonition prevent, or at the actual atomic delay, the access of such a ache as Alzheimer’s, that will could cause so abundant misery, not alone for the ancestors ambidextrous with the effects, but to any one of us who affairs the disease.

Just the analysis I accept undertaken myself has anchored my accommodation to change my own bistro accepted and accomplish abiding I exercise every day, even if it’s alone a walk.

There are so abounding bloom issues surrounding us today, I accept it is up to us to accomplish abiding we do aggregate we can to accumulate ourselves fit and healthy.